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Goku Day: understand what it is and why it is celebrated this Thursday

The character Goku protagonist of the animation Dragon Ball is celebrated next Thursday (9) in the so-called Goku Day . Understand below what this date is and why it was chosen to exalt the hero.

Created by Japanese Akira Toriyama, Goku has a name made up of two syllables that will have other meanings in Japanese if they are separated. Go (五) means five and Ku (九) is the sound of the word nine.

In other words, together, they form the date May 5th in English (which has an inverted format: first the month and then the day).

On this day, fans hold various celebrations and private events, such as getting together to watch animated episodes or films.

On or around this day, it is also common for streaming platforms to put together special programs, with animation episodes available.

Dragon Ball, which turns 37 in 2024, has six seasons, released from 1986 to 2018.

Source: CNN Brasil

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