Gomorrah 5, the final battle has just begun

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Warning: this article contains spoilers.

We’ve said it before, but we repeat it again: Gomorrah – the series does not promise salvation or beatifications; it shows criminals for what they are, that is, criminals. Genny Savastano (Salvatore Esposito) is not the hero trying to protect his kingdom and family, and Ciro Di Marzio (Marco D’Amore) is not the intrepid adventurer who wants to be king. They make war, and kill, destroy and annihilate without mercy. There are no innocent victims for them.

In the seventh and eighth episodes of the final season (available on NOW), they transform Naples and its suburbs into a battlefield. They go from one alley to another, from a building to a district. The houses and the streets are trenches, and there is no safe place. In the seventh episode, Genny manages to capture Sangue Blu (Arturo Muselli) and stop yet another betrayal; but the Immortal does not slow down and takes advantage of the situation to motivate his men. His battle is now a holy war. Everyone is ready to sacrifice and die for him. And everything, in the face of this extremism, loses any sense.

Genny tries to stem Ciro’s advance, relying on Munaciello (Carmine Paternoster). In the meantime, however, she must also solve the problems with her family: to stay with little Pietro, Azzurra (Ivana Lotito) is ready to put aside the differences of the past and return with her husband.

Now Gomorrah is no longer Gomorrah. Or at least it’s not the same as it was in the first few seasons. The protagonists, now, no longer act in the shadows: they do not try to hide or run away. The police, who return in the eighth episode, are about to intervene. One of Galantommo’s loyalists, pushed by Ciro himself, was constituted and confessed to having tried to kill Azzurra. Social services take Pietro away, and Genny decides to kidnap the magistrate’s son (Gennaro Maresca) to blackmail him and get a lever.

There are no more limits or rules. Monsters are in charge. AND Gomorrah it becomes a genre tale, full of action and twists: the direction of Claudio Cupellini insists on the movements and dynamism of the various sequences, to give the narration another speed and another trend. We are approaching the grand finale, the last two episodes, and there is still no certainty.

Genny, it is true, seems to be in trouble, but Ciro risks losing everything he has earned and obtained in an instant. The fanaticism of the Camorra, who think they are acting for the good of their families and neighborhoods, in search of glory and power, is the other side of this season. There are no longer the paranze of very young people who want to live their life to the fullest, right up to the end. Instead, there is a distorted awareness of honor and pride.

Ciro is a commander who knows perfectly well how to talk to his men; he does not use the staff of fear, but promises the carrot of eternal life, of being remembered for something greater. Genny, on the other hand, is more determined, more aggressive. Physicality is one of its most important characteristics. And in the seventh episode, when he comes face to face with Blue Blood, he lets himself go. His anger is pure, uncontrollable, like that of a ferocious animal.

Within eight episodes, Gomorrah It’s changed. Trust, Genny says at one point, is a weakness that cannot be afforded, and revenge, at times, is all that matters (as in the case of the Galantommo widow). His is a game of slaughter, with no prospect of victory or survival. To eliminate Ciro, his old friend, he is willing to sacrifice everything. Power too.


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