Goodbye Node! Belinda shows off her new romance with a famous Mexican businessman

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Seven long months have passed since Belinda and Christian Nodal surprised us by announcing the end not only of their engagement, but of their relationship as a couple. As a result of their separation, multiple rumors and endless controversy have arisen in which issues of infidelity on both sides and even money problems were involved.

Although the real reason why they decided to end their love story has never been said for sure, both artists have decided to close that chapter and move on with their lives. For his part, Nodal has been seen very happy posing and dating the rapper Cazzu, who is presumed to be his new girlfriend, but they just need to make it official.

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Belinda posing at the opening of a new Palacio de Hierro store

On the other hand, although the protagonist of welcome to eden He tried to get away from the networks and focus one hundred percent on his new projects, the media did not stop following him and keeping an eye on his love life. Despite the multiple occasions in which she wanted to relate to someone, a strong rumor recently emerged that she Beli is launching a romance with a young businessman.

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A few days ago, Belinda became a trend on social networks after a video was shared on TikTok in which the Spanish singer appears enjoying a dinner at the opening of a new store of the Palacio de Hierro chain in a square located in Coyoacán , State of Mexico, in the company of some friends.

Screenshot of Belinda with Gonzalo Hevia Bailléres

But what stood out the most in the video in question was the closeness that the 33-year-old actress showed with Gonzalo Hevia Bailléres, the young businessman who is a member of the family that owns the famous Palacio de Hierro stores in Mexico. Sitting next to the Mexican businessman, the friends of the interpreter of Light without gravity They began to challenge her to eat a scorpion or at least give it a little kiss.

Insisting that she bite the tail or one of the legs of the scorpion, amid the pressure to force her to do so, one of the attendees is heard jokingly say: “Give it even a little kiss, but to the scorpion”, referring to that she wouldn’t kiss Gonzalo.


is that it is unique hahaha #belinda #belindatok #viral #fyp

♬ original sound – belinda

Belinda’s reaction to eating a scorpion. Ha ha ha ha, we love her.

With some faces of displeasure and after repeating on several occasions the disgust that caused her to do so, Beli gave in to the pressure of those present and was encouraged to eat the tail of the animal while another person ate the rest of the body. The video did not take long to turn all social networks and unleash a wave of rumors of the possible new boyfriend of the interpreter of Beautiful betrayal.

screenshot of a story on Belinda's Instagram

Although at no time are they seen doing anything compromising, the simple fact of being close and seeing that the singer asked Gonzalo to eat the scorpion was enough for millions of followers and fans to talk about a possible romance between the two.

Days after the controversial video, Belinda He began to share anime photos in his Instagram stories, images that were related to Christian Nodal, since it is very common to see that he also uploads this type of content in his states. Realizing this, the actress did not hesitate to clarify that her publications have nothing to do with anyone and she assured that she has always had a fascination for anime.

Source: Okchicas

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