Google accused of illegally tracking Android users through advertising IDs

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Prominent Austrian activist and lawyer Max Schrems accused Google of constantly spying on Android users without their knowledge. According to the Financial Times, he has filed a complaint with the French data protection authority alleging that the search giant is violating the privacy rights of more than 300 million European citizens using Android devices by creating unique advertising identifiers.

Schrems ‘organization None Of Your Business (NOYB) found that these Android Advertising Identifiers (AAIDs) enable Google, third-party developers and advertisers to track users’ online activity to serve ads more effectively. The charge alleges that Android generates AAID without the user’s knowledge or consent, which means that Google is violating the 2002 Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive, also known as the Cookie Directive. This is a separate piece of legislation that is under consideration at this stage.

“Imagine you have a colored powder on your hands and feet that leaves marks everywhere – every time you act in the mobile ecosystem. And you cannot get rid of it, just change it to another color. This is the Android advertising identifier – a tracker that marks your every step in the system and beyond, ”said the attorney for NOYB.

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