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Google has ditched Chrome’s built-in screenshot editor. Development terminated?

More than a year ago, Google started working on a built-in screenshot editor in the desktop version of the Chrome browser. It was first introduced in Chrome Canary 98, and in a few months, this tool has grown with new features. It would seem that the editor is about to appear in the stable version of the browser and become available to all users, but something went wrong. Unfortunately, fresh Chromium commits indicate that the developers have abandoned this tool. At least in its current form.

The Chromium Gerrit team, where changes are made to the Chrome open source code base, made a series of commits that removed all traces of the built-in screenshot editor from the browser. Apparently, all the efforts and user experience did not justify the continuation of this development. According to one Google employee, the company decided that this component was not ready for release after a lot of user feedback, and developers do not see solutions to optimize it without serious rework. Accordingly, they are currently making a change that will remove this feature from the browser.

GIF animation will start when you click on the picture

It usually takes about 10 weeks for Chromium commits to be reflected in the stable version of Chrome, so there is still some time to use the built-in screenshot editor. To activate it, you first need to enable the screenshot feature, and then the editor itself:

  • chrome://flags/#sharing-desktop-screenshots
  • chrome://flags/#sharing-desktop-screenshots-edit

The tool will appear in the menu of the “Share this page” function, which is located on the right side of the address bar. Further, everything is simple: you need to select an area of ​​​​the screen for the screenshot, then select “Edit” in the pop-up window. These changes affect only the screenshot editing tool, the screenshot function itself remains in the browser for now.

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