Google Keep 5.21.381

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Google Keep – a handy application for creating notes that you can share with family and friends. Jot down ideas and plans, make shopping lists, and get timely reminders. You can take a photo of a billboard, recipe or document so that you can quickly find the photo in Google Keep. And if your hands are busy, create a voice note and it will automatically be converted to text.

Different types of notes

  • Create lists, text, photo and audio notes. The latter are automatically converted to text.
  • Sharing notes
  • Share your notes and edit them at the same time with your friends.
  • Quick search
  • Highlight notes with color, add shortcuts and use the search function.

Access from any device

  • Use Google Keep on your phone, tablet, computer, or Android Wear watch. Notes sync automatically, so they are always available to you on any device. You can find them at, and you can also download Google Keep from the Chrome Web Store:

Timely reminders

  • Create reminders by specifying the time or place. When you are near the specified address, Google Keep will show you a reminder.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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