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Google launches AI productivity feature for use in PDF and other formats

O Google announced the launch of a new experimental artificial intelligence (AI) tool in Brazil that was created to help people generate insights and create new content from digital files. The news was announced during an event in São Paulo this Tuesday (11).

Called NotebookLM is a feature allows people to upload their own documents into the tool and interact with them intelligently, with the support of sources of various formats like PDFs, Google Slides presentations or Google Docs documents, web URLs.

Now available in Portuguese, the tool uses Gemini Pro 1.5, Google’s most capable language model, to enhance productivity and research.

Among the possible uses, NotebookLM allows the user to check the original source of a quote, being taken directly to excerpts from the source.

You can also ask questions about images, graphs and diagrams from Slides, PDFs or Docs, thanks to Gemini 1.5 Pro’s native multimodal capabilities.

NotebookLM also creates summaries, frequently asked questions and other features from the information sources chosen by the user.

Gemini: Google’s AI arrives on Android in Brazil; see how to use

Source: CNN Brasil

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