Google Play now has a tool that speeds up the installation of applications

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Every year, the size of mobile applications is growing, increasing the load on the smartphone and absorbing traffic. Internet giant Google has already tried to combat this with App Bundles, a system that allows developers to create multiple versions of their apps for different models and Google Play automatically downloads the corresponding APK to the user’s smartphone. And now Google has created another tool to optimize app installs.

The authors of the 9to5Google portal found in the Google documentation information about a new function for Google Play. The essence of this tool is that the system will study which part of the application is most often used when the application is opened for the first time, and it is this data that will be loaded in the first place. For example, when they first download the Instagram app, users spend the first ten minutes setting up their profile and finding friends, and if this is a significant number of users, Google Play will download that part of the app first. But the tools for creating publications or viewing stories will remain removed until the user tries to use these functions or until the Internet connection becomes more stable.

Also this tool can be used to improve smartphone resource management. For example, instead of opening the entire application completely, loading the system, the smartphone can open only those parts of the program that are used most often, thereby reducing the load on the processor and RAM.

So far, Google has not officially announced the launch of a new tool in its online app store. However, some users report that when downloading programs from Google Play, they already receive a warning that the optimize app installation feature is active. The notice states that the data is being collected and used to expedite the app installation process. Oddly enough, Google doesn’t mention that this data will be collected anonymously in accordance with Google’s existing privacy policy, so don’t worry about the system using personal information.

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