Google responds to Pandemic CPI that cannot provide data from Bolsonaro

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Google Brazil responded to the CPI of the Pandemic that it cannot provide the data required by the Commission, referring to the breach of telematic confidentiality of President Jair Bolsonaro, from April of last year to date.

The justification given was that the discussion on the provision of requested data is at the Federal Supreme Court (STF), in Writ of Mandamus 38,289, filed by the Attorney General of the Union (AGU), on behalf of President Jair Bolsonaro, to prevent their telematic data is provided.

The president’s defense also alleges that the Senate and House do not have the power to criminally investigate or indict a head of state.

“Therefore, until a decision is reached on the request made in the injunction in question, Google respectfully understands that it is unable to carry out the breach of telematic confidentiality object of the Application approved by this Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on October 26 last”, Google informed, in a document sent to the CPI.

The data, if collected by Google, should be forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office and the STF.

CPI required Google to provide registration data, “connection logs (IPs), Android information (IMEI), full copy of all content stored on YouTube, including access information and information relating to all administrative and editing functions; and the suspension of access to the account(s) of the President of the Republic on YouTube” until further determination. Currently YouTube belongs to Google.

A CPI também tenta suspender as contas em redes sociais (Facebook e Twitter) de Bolsonaro, após a live realizada pelo presidente em que, segundo a CPI da Pandemia, o presidente teria mentido ao dizer que a vacina contra a Covid-19 acelerava a evolução of AIDS.

“The President of the Republic continues with his policy of disinformation and generation of the intended social chaos by inciting tempers against scientifically capable measures of actually facing the very serious virus that has already killed more than 606,000 (six hundred and six thousand) Brazilians. We can no longer tolerate this type of behavior, which is why we need energetic and immediate measures to make the investigation and accountability of the President of the Republic possible under the terms of the Constitution”, appears in the report signed by senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP).

Reference: CNN Brasil

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