Google rolls out endless search results feed on smartphones

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Following a massive redesign of the search engine on Android and iOS in January of this year, Google intends to soon implement continuous scrolling of search results on mobile devices. In other words, after a user reaches the bottom of the page on a smartphone or tablet, the next chunk of search results will be loaded automatically. There will no longer be a Show More link, but the Related Searches list will still appear on the first screen so that the user can decide whether to continue viewing the results or modify the query.

Google says its endless search result feed will make search experience smoother and more intuitive, which is broadly in line with other apps and services on mobile devices. The company also noted that most people typically scan up to four pages of search results, and endless scrolling will allow them to see information they didn’t get to.

The search feed on is gradually rolling out for the majority of English searches in the United States. On computers, Google search remains unchanged for now.

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