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Google sued for collecting personal data in incognito mode

Google sued for collecting personal data in incognito mode

The Google search engine collects data about users who use private browsing mode. This was stated by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (Ken Paxton) and filed a lawsuit against Alphabet. In January of this year, lawsuits were filed by the states of Texas, Indiana, Washington and the District of Columbia. They said that Google violated the privacy of users and tracks their location. Now the Texas prosecutor has expanded the claims against the search giant by adding Google’s incognito mode to the lawsuit.

According to Paxton, this feature initially means that Google will not track the user’s search history or any other activity on the Internet, including geolocation. The lawsuit alleges that users activate incognito mode when they do not want to share purely personal information, but in fact, Google continues to fraudulently collect data. Google said that Paxton’s statement “is based on inaccurate statements and outdated ideas about our settings.” The company categorically denies these allegations and intends to defend its position in court.

By the way, earlier Ken Paxton has already made accusations against Google. He claimed that the company was misleading users by continuing to track their location, even when they forbade it from doing so. According to him, Google has a “Location History” section where you can turn off the location tracking function, but the company informs users that if it is turned off, all visited places will not be saved.

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