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Google's AI customizes Chrome's dinosaur game; see how to make yours

O Google created a tool using artificial intelligence which releases the customization of the “Game of Dinosaur Chrome”, a challenge that appeared in the search engine when the device was without an internet connection.

The news was released this Tuesday (21) to celebrate International Dino Day, the game's character. “GenDino” will be available for a limited time and generates a version of the game with information about the character, the obstacle and the scenario — with some limitations, but the options are almost infinite.

To play, you must be logged in to a Google account and you can share the version created so that others can experience the same scenario. “Happy International Dino Day! We're celebrating by bringing back the GenDinothe classic dinosaur game from Chrome, remixed with Imagen 2 and… you!”, said the labs.google account on X, formerly Twitter.

Imagen 2 is a self-developed image generation tool that uses AI to create high-quality images from text descriptions. In the context of GenDino, the use of technology refers to a graphical update of the old game.

Examples of game versions:

  • A [um/uma] “snake ”jumping [pulando] “tree ”past [passando por] “city
  • A “person “jumping”journalists “past”Islands
  • A “puppy “jumping”snakes “past”São Paulo
  • A “chair “jumping”people “past”desk

Chrome Dino was created in 2014 by Edward Jung, Sebastien Gabriel and Alan Bettes to appear in the browser when the device was without internet, implying that being without a connection is going back to the prehistoric era. In 2018, Google released data that showed the program was played 270 million times per month.

Source: CNN Brasil

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