Google’s new AR app opens a portal to the other side of the planet

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Recently, various technologies, projects and platforms have been focusing on augmented or virtual reality, providing the user with many opportunities for entertainment. However, it should be understood that in addition to games, entertainment services and comic demos, there are also quite useful tools created on the basis of AR or VR. For example, Google has a project called WebXR (“Augmented Reality”) that allows AR technologies to be used in the Chrome browser on modern smartphones. And in order to prove the usefulness of its work, the company presented several new mini-applications at once within the framework of this project.

For example, a striking innovation is the Floom web application, which makes it possible to look at what is happening on the other side of the planet without leaving your room. To do this, the user just needs to turn on the web application, point the camera of his smartphone to the floor, after which Floom “drills” a hole in the planet, showing a beautiful bird’s-eye view on the smartphone screen. An interesting enough educational tool that allows you to study geography and just observe distant locations. There is also the SODAR app, which aims to ensure safety during the coronavirus period.

The user just needs to launch the application so that the software draws a circle with a radius of two meters around the device in augmented reality – this is a safe distance at which one can not worry about the possibility of infection. Extremely useful for public places, for example. And the third (and final) application is Measure Up – a web application makes it possible to determine the physical dimensions of objects without special equipment or tools. It is enough to indicate the boundaries of the object on the screen, and the smartphone will calculate the height, width and depth. The fourth application, Picturescape, is not yet available.

You can study the applications of the WebXR project in more detail on the official website.

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