Google’s super-secret device “Wolverine” will endow people with superhuman hearing

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According to Business Insider, the X Lab team, which is part of Google and Alphabet, is developing a top-secret augmented reality device that significantly enhances human hearing.

The project is codenamed “Wolverine” in honor of the eponymous Marvel character. After suffering a genetic mutation, Wolverine not only received an adamantium skeleton and claws, but also superhuman vision, hearing and smell. In comics and films, this character can hear high and low frequency sounds, which are far away from him.

Google's super-secret device

The X Lab team began development on this project in 2018 and created a number of prototypes that generated a lot of interested executives, including Google co-founder Sergey Brin. A spokesman for the X Lab confirmed that the project is aimed at “researching the future of hearing”, but he flatly declined to comment on the details of the project.

The source claims that the creators of “Wolverine” are developing a device designed to be worn on the ear. This device, which should dramatically sharpen hearing, will combine multiple sensors. At an early stage, there is a problem with separation of sounds: the developers decide how users can focus on a specific sound source.


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