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Gosling vs. Evans and return to Raccoon City: the best streaming news in July

Gosling vs. Evans and return to Raccoon City: the best streaming news in July

Literally on July 1, the last two episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things are released, which has already broken all previous records of the Netflix streaming platform. Also expected is a fourth season of the spin-off of Taika Waititi’s vampire hit Real Ghouls and a second season of Solar Opposites from the creators of Rick and Morty. But even more interesting will be the upcoming premieres, including Antoine Fuqua’s series with Chris Pratt, a fantasy about a lunar colony, an Apple TV + thriller with Taron Egerton, a new look at the Resident Evil franchise, as well as The Gray Man – Netflix’s most expensive blockbuster with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, written and directed by the Russo brothers.

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“Death List” (The Terminal List)

  • Platform: Amazon Prime Video.
  • Release date: July 1st.
  • Release format: the whole season at once (8 episodes).

The Amazon series “Death List” is based on the novel of the same name by Jack Carr. The project was directed by Antoine Fuqua (King Arthur, The Magnificent Seven), and starring such stars as Chris Pratt, Taylor Kitsch, Jai Courtney and others. One of the central themes of the series will be the study of such a phenomenon as post-traumatic syndrome. Commando James Reece becomes the only surviving member of a Navy SEAL platoon who is ambushed while performing a covert operation. Returning home, he tries to streamline the details of what happened. He is overcome by guilt and conflicting memories. However, the deeper he dives into this topic, the more clearly he understands that the failure of the operation was rigged by the highest echelons of power. Powerful forces do not want to be exposed and begin to hunt for James. True, they do not yet suspect that the hunt is actually already on them.

“Maggie” (Maggie)

  • Platform: Hulu.
  • Release date: July 6th.
  • Release format: the whole season at once (13 episodes).

On July 6, an unusual multi-episode romantic comedy about the psychic Maggie comes out on Hulu. Unlike most charlatans who rip off poor people, Maggie is actually able to foresee some facts about the future of her clients. The problem is that she is completely unable to look into her own destiny. At least it was before the girl met a guy named Ben. He came to Maggie as a client. The psychic saw in his future a lot of joy, happiness, a wedding, a child, and then saw her own reflection in the mirror. Maggie at first could not believe that this was possible, and then she thought that fate could not be wrong. And it was at that moment that Ben moved into a house located next door to Maggie’s house. But it turns out that he already has a lover.


  • Platform: AMC.
  • Release date: July 7th.
  • Release format: 1 episode per week (6 episodes).

The fantastic series from AMC “Moonhaven” is the case when the localizers decided not to invent anything at all. Maybe it’s for the best, because Moonhaven (which can be translated as “paradise on the moon”) is the name of a colony on the Earth’s satellite, which has become humanity’s last hope for salvation. According to the story, Bella Sway, a freighter pilot and smuggler, was caught for her crimes and sentenced to exile in a utopian colony that is built on the vast territory of the Gardens of Eden on the Moon (a very interesting punishment, of course). There she learns that the inhabitants of Moonhaven have been looking for a solution to problems that threaten the complete extinction of humanity on their home planet for a long time. At first, Bella is skeptical about everything, but a local detective reveals to her the existence of a global conspiracy, the purpose of which is to get to the artificial intelligence that controls all the systems of the colony.

“Boo, bitch” (Boo, Bitch)

  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Release date: July 8th.
  • Release format: the whole season at once (8 episodes).

Perhaps one of the most controversial projects of this summer comes out July 8 on Netflix. Erica graduated from high school, but she remained an inconspicuous gray mouse, even whose name no one knows. One day, her best friend persuades her to go to a party. Erica reluctantly agrees and decides to have a blast there. Unexpectedly for herself and for everyone around her, she turns out to be the heroine of the party, and also attracts the attention of one of the most popular guys in the school – Jake. True, the joy did not last long, because while returning home, Erika was hit by a truck. The next morning, the girl discovers that she is now a ghost. And it is at this moment that her most unrestrained adventures in life (that is, after life) begin.

“Black Bird” (Black Bird)

  • Platform: Apple TV+.
  • Release date: July 8th.
  • Release format: 1 episode per week (6 episodes).

Apple TV+ has prepared for viewers a series based on real events, starring Taron Egerton. The screenplay is based on the 2010 autobiographical novel With the Devil: A Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Deal for Redemption by James Keene. He was a cop. One day his son went to jail for selling drugs. A ten-year sentence can be greatly reduced if you make a deal with the authorities. To do this, the guy needs to go to a maximum security prison, get close to serial killer Larry Hall and learn more about the crimes of which he is suspected. At least find out where the bodies of the murdered girls are, and ideally, get a full confession from Hall. Keane Jr. quickly realizes that this is the only chance to be released, but the maniac starts a cunning psychological game with him. Interestingly, Ray Liotta played James Keane himself.

Resident Evil

  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Release date: July 14th.
  • Release format: the whole season at once (8 episodes).

In the 2000s, Milla Jovovich’s Resident Evil films dominated the zombie horror genre. Over time, the franchise turned the wrong way and by the sixth part it had already completely lost the audience’s interest. In 2021, a reboot of the series was released, which turned out to be much closer to the original games from Capcom, but it failed at the box office. Netflix decided to take a completely different path and tell a completely new story in the Resident Evil universe. In 2022, three decades after the discovery of the T-virus and the first zombie uprising, teenage sisters Jade and Billy Wesker move to modern and prosperous New Raccoon City. Their father is a talented scientist. Umbrella Corporation is trying to restore its reputation and is involved in the development of the most advanced technologies. However, something obviously went wrong. In 2036, there will be only 15 million people and 6 billion animals left in the world. Everything else is aggressive monsters infected with the T-Virus. Jade is in a desperate fight to survive, trying to remember what happened to her father and sister 14 years ago.

“The Gray Man” (The Gray Man)

  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Release date: July 22.
  • Output format: film.

At the end of July, Netflix will release its most expensive blockbuster in history, The Gray Man. The film’s budget is estimated at $200 million. It is based on the novels by Mark Greaney (who co-wrote Jack Ryan with Tom Clancy) and is intended to be the start of a full-fledged franchise. Interestingly, the directors and screenwriters of the project are the Russo brothers (Avengers: Infinity War). They started thinking about the plot back in 2015 while working on Captain America: Civil War. Starring the very powerful duo of Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. The latter, by the way, plays a negative role. Ana de Armas, Billy Bob Thornton and other interesting actors will also appear on the screen. According to the plot, former CIA agent Kurt Gentry has long been engaged in mercenary activities under the pseudonym of the Gray Man. One day, he discovers something that could prevent many powerful people from continuing to enjoy the current state of affairs. Then an equally qualified mercenary is sent behind his head.

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