«Gossip Girl», the reboot has (finally) a release date

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After so much noise, some certainty. Gossip Girl, in its unreleased version of reboot with a revolutionized cast, it got a release date. The TV series, which Hbo Max has already renewed for a second season, will debut on Sky in the early evening of 27 October. Then, however, only a part will be made available. Hbo Max, streaming service and producer of the show, has decided, in fact, to divide the first season into two tranches. The first, which in the United States allowed the platform to record the best debut of the year, will be proposed by Sky without any interruption.

The second, as ordered by HBO, will be released the following month, in November.

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From 22 October, Sky will also offer the opportunity to review the six seasons of the Gossip Girl original, the story of an Upper East Side that has become a place of worship. The mother series will be available on demand and, in streaming, on Now Tv in the box set mode (so that anyone can find lucidity and memories and, together, prepare for a confrontation that does not promise easy).

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