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Government: Assurances for continuous support of Society and Economy through budgeting

By Niki Zorba

The signals sent by the Government for continuous support of Society and Economy in the face of the crisis, the “invasion” that the country receives from imported inflation, as characteristically stated by the Prime Minister from Kefalonia, where he toured yesterday.

Energy shielding of the country and exhaustion of the fiscal margin in order to be withheld – if possible – through the state budget, the losses to Citizens and businesses, are the mix of priorities in Maximos, in view of an extremely difficult winter, for which all authorities have warned and for which the government is preparing, indulging in difficult fiscal exercises.

Antidote (and) the income from Tourism

The tourist movement, therefore and the income from it, are at this extremely critical time, an “antidote” to the crisis, in the sense that it is a major parameter in the rapid development of the Greek economy.

The “signal” broadcast yesterday by Mr. Mitsotakis, touring the largest Ionian island, Kefalonia, is indicative:

“The economy in our country is developing at a rapid pace largely as a result of the excellent tourist traffic and also the significant investments made in our country. But let us have no doubt that we are facing very strong winds, which create a great degree of insecurity in the global economy”, said the prime minister.

Then, in the same context, he explained in detail how the government will exhaust the fiscal margins:

“The cost of living, inflation, are phenomena which are global, they also hit the Greek economy, they also eat away at the Greek disposable income. That is why the government, through the state budget, will continue to exhaust the fiscal margins, in order to support the citizens to deal with this “invasion” of imported inflation which creates us, today, several problems and several degrees of insecurity”.

“Heavy Pelecys” – Accuracy check

At the same time, in the target of RAE are unfair-misleading practices of energy suppliers, to which the responsible minister, Mr. Skrekas, announced that “the pelecys of the State will fall heavily”.

And he, however, on his part yesterday, pledged (SKAI) that households and small and medium enterprises will be supported as long as the energy crisis lasts. He pointed out that for this month alone, “subsidies amounting to 1.136 billion euros have been announced to support households and small and medium-sized businesses. This will continue as long as the energy crisis lasts”.

The Deputy Minister of Finance, Thodoros Skylakakis, sent the same message, a few days ago, about the support of the Economy, leaving wide open the possibility of an “accuracy check” being given in the coming months. Until the Autumn, however, no further announcements on this are foreseen.

“Our country is compensating for the unfavorable developments in terms of the price increases of imported products caused by the increase in fuel, with the increase in income from tourism and the increase in investments and exports”, is the indicative report of minister on how revenues from Tourism are a breath of fresh air in the pressure of increases.

In the same mood and the Government Spokesman, Yiannis Oikonomou:

“We are building national policies to shield society as well as businesses against threats, on the one hand with energy saving actions in the State and also in households and on the other with provision to ensure energy sufficiency”, he announced.

Source: Capital

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