Government evaluates recomposing Popular Pharmacy budget for 2023

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The federal government is considering sending a message to the National Congress to return funds allocated to the Popular Pharmacy program in the 2023 budget project.

According to the newspaper “O Estado de S.Paulo”, the program suffered a budget reduction of about 59% in the expectation of resources for the next year, which could affect access to medicines.

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The discussion on the subject, according to the CNN occurs within the scope of political articulation, which assesses that the budget reduction has harmed the image of President Jair Bolsonaro, who is running for reelection.

To make a change, the federal government must send a message to the National Congress, requesting the change. The request has not yet reached the Secretary of the Treasury and Budget.

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Last week, after the disclosure of the information by the newspaper “O Estado de S.Paulo”, the candidate for vice president Geraldo Alckmin recorded a video criticizing the budget reduction.

According to reports made to CNN government advisors are now evaluating how to recompose the amounts for the program, as they need to withdraw from other budget items.

wanted by CNN the Planalto Palace and the Ministry of Economy have not yet responded to the report.

Source: CNN Brasil

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