Government foresees in the Budget a minimum wage of R$ 1,302.00 in 2023

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The government sets the minimum wage at R$ 1,302.00 next year, according to the 2023 Annual Budget Law Project (PLOA), released this Wednesday (31). In the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) sent to Congress in April, the estimate for next year’s minimum was BRL 1,294.00.

The correction of the minimum wage provided for in the PLOA 2023 considers only the inflation projected by the National Consumer Price Index (INPC) estimated for 2022. That is, once again, workers, retirees and pensioners who receive the minimum will have no real gain in wages .

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The economic team’s estimate for a rise in the nominal wage bill is 10.3% in 2023.


The government reserved R$ 14.2 billion in the 2023 PLOA for the readjustment of the remuneration of public servants, of which R$ 11.6 billion for the Executive branch.

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As anticipated by Broadcast (Grupo Estado’s real-time news system) the value is sufficient for a linear readjustment of 5% for the Executive’s civil servants, but it was not detailed in the proposal how the increase will take place, which will be decided in a second moment.

Source: CNN Brasil

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