Government: New package of support measures but with an eye on the promises

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By Niki Zorba

It is not only the revenues from Tourism that are galloping like him beyond the most optimistic forecasts but also the good flow in the State Funds from the payment of tax – and other – obligations of the Citizens that allow the Government to open – literally – the allowance bag in the Autumn.

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The Prime Minister had spoken about the revenues from Tourism at the beginning of the week which create a budgetary margin, while yesterday, the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras, speaking about the measures that the Prime Minister will announce from the TIF in September, added another important parameter that also holds open the fiscal margins of the country:

The good response of the Citizens to their debts to the State: 3 billion euros were paid by the taxpayers just last week without even reducing the deposits.

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Mr. Staikouras, however, reminded that in the equation for the new measures that Mr. Mitsotakis will announce from the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki in September, de facto the commitments that have been given are taken into account. The Government does not intend to proceed in “rave-xileone”, that is, at the mercy of a crisis or emergency.

In this regard, the Ministry of Finance reminded: “There must also be the fiscal space to implement the commitment to abolish the solidarity levy from 2023 for all employees and pensioners”.

As for the rest, there are many things that are on the distribution table in society-Economy in view of the winter that is predicted to be extremely heavy, but everything will be “locked” in time: Punctuality check, heating allowance increase, Fuel Pass 3, etc.


The sketch – not of the measures – but of the reasoning based on which they will be qualified, was given from the briefing room by G. Economou:

1. After we measure correctly, prioritize the priorities, arrive at the possibilities, the Prime Minister will very specifically and with great clarity announce the support measures that Greek society can expect.

2. Very targeted, very substantial, with sober movements, always keeping reserves and without jeopardizing the fiscal stability of the country, we stand by the citizens.

“Key” Tourism and tax revenue

Through ERT, Mr. Staikouras, for his part, gave the outline of the next steps of the financial staff to support the Society, with “key” revenues from Tourism as well as taxation.

“Taxpayers’ response to their obligations (income tax, ENFIA, refundable advances – with citizens paying 3 billion euros last week without reducing deposits) and the course of tourism create additional fiscal space for more support spending households and businesses from the autumn”, is the characteristic reference of the finance minister.

Furthermore, he also referred to:

*Heating oil is one of the elements we take into account, as well as many other measures.

*There must also be the fiscal space to implement the commitment to abolish the solidarity levy from 2023 for all employees and pensioners.

Source: Capital

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