Government of São Paulo says it will not readjust toll values ​​this year

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The Department of Logistics and Transport announced that it will not readjust the toll rates this year, whose change in values ​​was scheduled for this Friday (1st). In a note, the government of São Paulo said that “in the face of the unbridled rise in prices, especially fuel, it is unthinkable to burden the pockets of São Paulo”.

The update would be from 10.72% (IGPM) to 11.73% (IPCA) – depending on the index of the concession contract. The adjustment refers to the roads managed by the 18 concessionaires belonging to the Highway Concessions Program of the State of São Paulo, of which 17 would have the updated values.

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The adjustment is annual and always takes place on July 1, according to the concession agreement. In a note, the government of São Paulo also highlighted that it does not breach the contract and will dialogue with all sectors involved.

To this end, a commission was created to analyze and resolve the contractual issue, in addition to discussing forms of compensation with the concessionaires and, thus, avoiding a possible breach of contracts.

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See the toll prices below:

  • Anhanguera (SP-330 – Praça de Perus): R$ 10.60;
  • Anhanguera (SP-330 – Valinhos square): R$ 10.50;
  • Bandeirantes (SP-348 – Caieiras square): R$ 10.60;
  • Bandeirantes (SP-348- Sumaré square): R$ 9.30;
  • Anchieta (SP-150 – Riacho Grande square): R$ 30.20;
  • Immigrants (SP-160 – Piratininga square): R$ 30.20;
  • Castello Branco (SP-280 – Praça Osasco): R$ 4.90;
  • Castello Branco (SP-280 – Praça Barueri): R$ 4.90;
  • Ayrton Senna (SP-070 – Itaquaquecetuba): BRL 4.20;
  • Ayrton Senna (SP-070 – S.José dos Campos): BRL 4.00;
  • Rodoanel Oeste (all squares): R$ 2.50;
  • South Rodoanel (all squares): R$ 3.90;
  • Rodoanel Leste (all squares): R$ 2.90;
  • Tamoios Highway (SP-099 Jambeiro Square): R$ 4.40;
  • Tamoios Highway (SP-099 Praça Paraibuna): BRL 8.50

Source: CNN Brasil

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