Government sources for PM’s visit to US: Absolutely successful visit

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Government sources speak of a completely successful visit regarding the official visit of the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis to Washington, ie the meeting with the American President, Joe Biden and tonight’s speech in the Congress.

“Greece has returned vigorously to global and regional development, as a leading power in the Balkans and Southeastern Europe. A country of pole of stability, law, security and development. A country that holds the keys to peace and energy stability in the wider region. A country whose heritage, in values ​​and principles, is recognized as the source of modern Western culture. ”

Government sources point out that “Greece is the moral guardian of freedom and democracy. Greece and the United States, in addition to historical friendship, today have mutual interests and common constitutional principles.”

The same people point out that “Greece in the last three years is growing stronger with the progress that ensures the utilization of its comparative advantages and its human resources, thanks to the plan of the Government. The people saw the results of our great political choices and hard work “We are now at the level we deserve and that is the starting point for us to do even better.”


Source: Capital

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