Government tech company offers startup credits

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Serpro, a state owned by the federal government that is a public technology company in the world, has open notice to support the business model of startups Brazilian companies in the innovation sector.

The Serpro Booster program selects emerging technology companies and offers credits for accessing technological solutions for managing public data in the country.

According to Carlos Alexandria, manager of Prospecting Innovative Opportunities at Serpro, the idea is to encourage the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem in Brazil.

“The objective is, in addition to leveraging the company’s business with the sale of products that help the startups to obtain better innovative solutions for the country, seek innovative ideas that are in line with what this market does”, he said.

The benefits include access quotas to programs such as Datavalid, which consults the original government databases to validate information and verify data or images sent by an interested party through an API, an acronym that designates a set of protocols used by developers. for platform integration.

Access credits to Biovalid, a program that validates a person’s identity remotely, can also be used, in addition to the CPF and CNPJ Consultation, which allows checking by companies that need to register new customers in their databases.

In all, each of these platforms will release up to 26 tokens access, valid for six months. The credit to be made available is equivalent to approximately R$ 10 thousand per token of access.

In other words, the selected companies would have the equivalent of this amount in reais to use as a tasting credit for Serpro’s technological solutions.

One new fintechThat is a startup in the financial sector, can benefit from the use of Datavalid, for example, as a tool to check the registration of potential customers without having to do it manually or having to provide physical offices to validate documentation.

“This type of dynamic took away the privilege that traditional banks had, which was to have a wide network of branches spread across the country. Now one fintechwhose entry barrier is precisely the registration validation, will be able to use a technological solution in a safe way, consulting government data”, explained Alexandria.

He noted that Serpro platforms do not allow direct access to data, which are protected, but serve to confirm the authenticity of people, images, companies or documents.


Brazilian startups that have a registered CNPJ and that are linked to a partner entity of the ecosystem can participate in the program.

The interested party must be characterized as defined by the Legal Framework for Startups (Complementary Law No. 182/21), in addition to being regular with the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) and the National Institute of Social Security (INSS).

To participate, you must access the page of Serpro Booster and fill in the electronic registration form, which is free. At startups Participants must observe the provisions of Serpro’s Code of Ethics, Conduct and Integrity.

In addition, the credits made available and the respective tokens of access must be used only by the company that received them, being prohibited the use by third parties.

Also according to Serpro, the startups are free to develop their services and solutions according to their convenience and strategy, with no restrictions on the part of the public company, except those provided for in the contracts for the products offered in the program.

Source: CNN Brasil

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