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Government will not wait for TSE to decide on fuels

The government will not wait for the result of the consultation made by the Attorney General’s Office (AGU) to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) on whether it is possible to change the price of fuel in breach of electoral legislation, said government allies. The document was filed on February 16.

Such as CNN showed, the technical area of ​​the TSE and the Attorney General’s Office evaluated that it is not up to the court to analyze a fact. The process has now returned to the electoral court for Minister-Rapporteur Carlso Horbach to speak.

According to interlocutors of President Jair Bolsonaro, however, the government will not wait for the court to manifest itself to make a decision. Although the Planalto has not yet taken any measures that could incur Bolsonaro in any electoral infraction, Congress is advancing in the debate on projects that, at the limit, affect the price of fuel. If Bolsonaro sanctions them, he will have already put his fingerprint in the process.

Another possibility is if the government takes some measure such as those discussed, such as the use of Petrobras dividends to stop the increase in fuel prices.

The assessment around the president, however, is that the global economic context with the war in Ukraine ends up giving the president more freedom to act to try to contain the economic effects of the conflict in Europe. Bolsonaro would be being advised not to wait for the TSE to decide on the consultation.

The only possibility in which his aides consider that they have prevented him from acting would be if the TSE decides on the merits that it is not possible to change fuel prices. Even so, it would be up to the president to make a final decision, whether or not to follow what the electoral court expressed.

This Wednesday morning, Bolsonaro met with the ministers of the Civil House, Ciro Nogueira; of Economy, Paulo Guedes; Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque; and with the president of the Central Bank, Roberto Campos Neto, to discuss the scenario and possible measures to contain the price.

For now, the Planalto is betting on the approval of the projects in Congress as the most appropriate measure in the short term to help minimize the effects of the increase in oil in fuels. This is, according to sources, the solution defended by Ciro Nogueira, Paulo Guedes and the president. On another front, other ministers have defended other solutions, such as the use of Petrobras dividends or subsidies to contain the rise in prices.

Sought the Superior Electoral Court said the matter is among the top priorities of the court.

Source: CNN Brasil

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