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Governor of MS details actions against fires in the Pantanal to CNN

In an interview with CNN this Monday (17), the governor of Mato Grosso do Sul, Eduardo Riedel (PSDB-MS), detailed the ongoing actions to combat the fires in the Pantanal, a biome hit by a high level of drought in the state. .

According to Riedel, the state government had been preparing since January for this year’s forest fire season, anticipating adverse weather conditions. “All climate and water level indicators, not only in the Pantanal, but in Mato Grosso do Sul as a whole, were predicting and what we predicted is happening due to the high level of drought that we have been facing”, he stated .

Joint efforts

The governor highlighted that fighting fires requires joint efforts from various actors, not just the Fire Department and Civil Defense. “It’s everyone’s mission, to think that the fire department alone, that the Civil Defense will achieve [apagar os incêndios]we see this from time to time in California, Portugal, Australia, extreme weather situations lead to this,” he said.

Riedel highlighted the collaboration of the private sector, with rural producers with machinery and equipment, riverside communities and NGOs operating in the region. Furthermore, the federal government is mobilized to help fight the fires, with support from the Brazilian Navy and Army.

Current situation and comparison with 2020

Currently, the Pantanal has around 350 thousand hectares burned, but the governor highlighted that, in 2020, a year with similar weather conditions, 3.5 million hectares were consumed by flames by the end of the season. “We are going to work hard with all our strength to avoid reaching these rates that were as aggressive for the biome as they were at that time”, stated Riedel.

The governor also mentioned that the origins of the fires are diverse, from accidents to criminal actions, but highlighted that the main cause is the extreme drought in the state.

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(Published by Raphael Bueno, from CNN Brasil)

Source: CNN Brasil

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