GrabGEO 26012023

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GrabGEO – mobile devices help to control and protect family and friends on a daily basis. Our application will help you track your location.

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By installing the GrabGEO application, the user gets the opportunity to have detailed information about the location and movement of the observed. GrabGEO allows you to create two types of groups: teams or communities. Teams is a group of users with a group owner, where group tracking capabilities are governed by policies. This type of group will be useful for courier companies.

A community where all users have equal rights to view geodata. Convenient for families or groups going on a trip.

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Some features of GrabGEO

  • Viewing your geodata
  • Distance to point
  • Tracking being in a certain area (convenient for parents to monitor children)
  • Tracking the geolocation of all group members
  • Sending invitations (by e-mail / by link / QR code)

Application website:

Download on appGallery (Huawei):

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