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Graciele Lacerda vents after justifying fake profile: “Internet judged me”

Graciele Lacerda vented on her social networks after new developments in the controversy involving her fiance’s family, singer Zezé Di Camargo. According to the influencer, since she began her relationship with the artist, both have suffered attacks on the internet and have not had the right to defend themselves.

“Even the biggest criminals, who commit heinous crimes, have the right to defense. They have the right to defend themselves. I didn’t have that right. The internet court judged me. He condemned me and from then on there were daily offenses, various attacks on me, my family and my work”, began Graciele.

“With derogatory words and a constant attempt to end my life and my psychology. Empathy and respect from some never existed for me. Never!!!! It seems like I don’t have the right to this, everyone does, except me. But what was the crime I committed? Love!!!”, he continued.

The latest repercussion of a confusion involving the couple was the result of the accusation by Zezé’s daughter-in-law, Amabylle Eiroa, that Graciele had a false profile to attack the women of the Camargo family. However, last week, the influencer beat her to court – Eiroa had to delete the publications in which she mentioned Graciele.

Although she admitted that she created the account in an interview with Domingo Espetacular, on Record TV, Graciele countered the attacks by stating that Amabylle herself may have used the page to impersonate her and later blame her for the pejorative statements. The conflict resulted in the end of the professional partnership between Zezé and her son, Igor Camargo.

As she continued her outburst, Graciele revealed: “Since we started our relationship, Zezé and I have been constantly bombarded. If we didn’t truly love each other, we wouldn’t have endured all of this, and we wouldn’t even be together anymore.”

“You have to have responsibility when you judge other people’s lives. I hope no one goes through what I went through, and I thank God for having faith and people around me supporting me. Professionals, friends and my love, who didn’t let go of my hand on the darkest days and made me see that everything passes.”, he added.

Still according to the singer’s fiancée, “if it weren’t for these people, I might not even be here today to tell my part of the story.”

Check out Graciele Lacerda’s publication together with Zezé:

Understand the controversy

The fight in the Camargo family began when Amabylle Eiroa accused Graciele of managing a fake Instagram profile called “prisciladantas568”, which defamed the architect, as well as Zezé’s ex-wife, Zilu Godoi, and their daughters, Wanessa and Camilla.

At the time, the journalist defended herself against the accusation: “I know my truth, who I am, my essence. No one will take that away or change it. What they are doing to me is very serious.” However, the country singer confirmed that the bride used a fake profile and justified her attitude.

“They are taking advantage of the situation to trample on it,” he said in an interview with Fábia Oliveira, from Metrópoles. He added stating that “90% of artists have a fake profile to defend themselves against some things”.

In addition to the evidence presented by Amabylle, prints revealed by the Léo Dias portal showed comments from the profile in a critical tone against Zezé’s family, while at the same time praising Graciele’s profile.

Graciele achieved a victory in court against Amabylle, who had to delete all posts that mentioned the influencer.

The information was confirmed by CNN with Graciele and Zezé’s lawyers. “Matheus Pupo and João Mazzieiro, lawyers representing Zezé Di Camargo and Graciele Lacerda, warned that, for months, their clients have been victims of false accusations and virtual persecution”, says the note.

“The scenario experienced by Zezé and Graciele became unsustainable. For this reason, we approached the police authorities so that legal measures could be applied. The investigation continues under judicial secrecy.”, he concludes.

Furthermore, the influencer said in an interview with Domingo Espetacular, on Record TV, that the account “prisciladantas568” was used by her team to promote positive engagement on her profile.

She also said that Amabylle Eiroa had the profile password and that she no longer used it when some comments were published. “We are together now to look for who made the comments. In the process of finding out who made the comments, we are together”, explained Graciele.

Source: CNN Brasil

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