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Gracyanne Barbosa receives flower bouquet and jewelry from secret admirer

Gracyanne Barbosa 40, used social media last Monday night (14) to tell his followers that received gifts on one secret admirer .

Single, after the end of her 16-year marriage with singer Belo, the fitness muse received a bouquet of red roses and a jewelry kit, including a necklace and earrings set.

“I'm going to share something with you: last week I was in São Paulo and I received a bouquet of flowers. Then I arrived in Rio, I also received a bouquet of flowers and, the next day, I received another. And I received some, but I didn't share them because I didn't have a sender and I felt like that. Then today I arrived and there was a bouquet of flowers and a piece of jewelry,” she said in her Instagram stories.

“So, I want to know. Is it the same person? There's no ticket or anything. The one in Rio still had a note, but without a sender, but this one has nothing. So please, person, introduce yourself,” she asked.

“I think this is the seventh bouquet I've received. Is it the same person? I loved the treat, guys, but I need to know who sent it. The girl at the hotel only said that she arrived in my name. That’s it, good night Brazil”, concluded Gracyanne.

Gracyanne Barbosa receives unidentified gifts

Breakup of Gracyanne and Belo

After 16 years together, the ex-couple's press office confirmed to CNN the end of the marriage on April 18.

“Singer Belo will not comment on his personal life and emphasizes that he is focused on his career. Gracyanne Barbosa reaffirms that the love between the couple has not ended, but confirms the current separation”, says the official statement.

Source: CNN Brasil

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