“Grandma fitness”: 102-year-old woman gives home fitness classes to seniors

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at 102 years old American Jean Bailey has more energy than many people less than half her age.

In 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic began, the centenary decided to institute a novelty in the residential where she lives in the state of Nebraska, in the United States: gym classes for her neighbors.

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In an interview with the TV program “Good Morning America” she explained that she started with the sessions because no one could leave the house: “As we had to stay indoors, each one stayed on their own floor and the exercises ended up becoming a habit”.

In the conversation, Bailey explained that she has been a fitness instructor for at least 15 years and that she understands everyone’s limitations and restrictions, including her own. However, she encourages her colleagues to go at their own pace and move in some way.

exercise routine

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Classes take place four times a week and at least 12 residents have confirmed attendance. According to the elderly woman, the sessions include circular movements of the feet and arms, for example.

As she prioritizes whole-body movement over isolated exercises, she follows a routine that starts at the top: “We start with the chin on the chest, then make circles with the head and move on to the arms, legs and back”, Bailey explained.

For those who can still walk, she recommends focusing on the knees and waist: “It’s really important to keep moving those parts.”

The Director of Operations at the residential where Bailey lives, Sean Tran, told the TV program that the elderly woman participates in practically all the activities of the home since she entered there, of her own free will, 14 years ago.

“Everyone knows who she is, and they want to spend time with her. She’s so much fun,” Tran revealed.

At the end of the classes, a special touch from Bailey closes the session with a golden key – there is always a motivational phrase for your neighbors. The last one, according to “Good Morning America”, was: “The only way to multiply happiness is to share it with others”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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