Grandpa asked for used shoes in a store and an employee gives him new ones

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A new story of kindness is on the internet, and this time it is carried out by an employee of a Mexican shopping center, who helped a grandfather in a homeless situation after he entered the place asking if they had any used shoes that they could give him.

That innocent but painful question immediately moved the local employee, who did not hesitate to use her own money to buy her a new pair of shoes. Everything was captured by the lens of a visitor who did not hesitate to share the woman’s act of kindness.

Michelle Hada Antiago is the mall employee who kindly served that grandfather, who wore old clothes and looked tired.

She told him that they didn’t give away shoes at that place. However, he offered to buy her a pair, whichever she liked best. The man was about to cry, but held back his tears and accepted the offer. He spent a few minutes observing until he chose a pair of tennis shoes.

Woman taking a selfie; Woman gives shoes to homeless grandfather.  He paid for them with his own salary

The act was recorded by a visitor to the place, who witnessed everything that happened. He took care of taking some pictures and I shared the story on Facebook. Later the protagonist of this story could be located. However, Michelle clarified that she and four other colleagues cooperated to pay for the shoes, it was not just her.

Four of my classmates. Four of us and I were the ones who cooperated to help the man.

His act of kindness has been applauded by hundreds of netizens, and he reminds us that a simple action can change the lives of others. Let us always be kind to those who are by our side or need our help.

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