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Grandpa Waited For Grandkids In Park And Moms Treated Him As A Pedophile – ‘Shame On You’ Was His Daughter’s Response

A post on a local Facebook page for moms caused a lot of discussion, describing an incident in park of Australia. The mother who wrote the story explained that she and other women were confronted by an old man sitting on a bench.

The post, made as a warning to other moms in the area, read: “I was at Old School Park this afternoon with one of my little ones when I noticed an older man get out of his car, walk by himself fence and sit on the bench for 30 minutes, watching the children play. He seemed very strange without a child or partner. I informed some of the parents that his behavior was suspicious.”

One of the moms approached him and asked him if he was a pedophile. She said no, I’m waiting for my grandchildren. He didn’t make a scene, he was very quiet, when he answered. The whole time we were in the park he never once picked up the phone to talk to someone. He just kept sitting there. Please be on the lookout for suspicious behavior,” the mom concluded.

“I can’t imagine how this man feels”

The response to her post, however, wasn’t what she expected, with most moms in the Facebook group calling her rude and over the top and hurtful, notes New York Post. She was even asked if people are finally allowed to just sit in a park and relax.

“Why didn’t you ask him if he’s okay? You never know what someone is going through,” one wrote. “This behavior is shocking” was another comment. “I can’t imagine how this man feels,” noted a third commenter.

“If you were so afraid he was a pedophile, why didn’t you leave the park or call the police?” and “your behavior was awful. I am a mother and I understand that you have to be vigilant, but this is wrong. Maybe you should stay home if you’re that paranoid. You are hurting innocent people with disgusting accusations” were some other comments.

The Old Man’s Daughter’s Response – “My father was trembling and troubled”

The old man’s daughter also joined the conversation and initially thanked the mom for the post.

You had already left the park when I arrived with my children. My father was agitated and trembling until I got there to meet him. To talk about someone that way and call them a pedophile is confrontational and you have upset and hurt an elderly man who was just waiting for his family. Shame on you!”.

Many commenters reached out to the man’s daughter to ask if she was okay and to apologize on behalf of the women in the park.

Source: News Beast

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