Granny mistakenly invited a stranger to her Thanksgiving dinner and they celebrate it together every year

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Many times we find very good friends in the least expected places and moments. This is what happened to Wanda Dench in 2016, when she texted her grandson inviting him to dinner on Thanksgiving, but unaware that he had changed his phone number, young Jamal Hinton , who was then 17 years old, was the one who received it.

When Jamal realized the confusion, he let Wanda know that he had got the wrong number, but asked if he could still go to dinner. Wanda said yes and the rest is history.

An unexpected friendship

Since then, a new tradition was born and Jamal has spent every Thanksgiving with Wanda. Their friendship has already been through difficult tests, such as the passing of Lonnie Dench, Wanda’s husband, last year, who unfortunately died from covid-19.

When Lonnie passed away, Jamal and his girlfriend, Mikaela Grubbs, brought him food from his favorite restaurant, board games, and a flash drive full of good wishes from people around the world who were inspired by her and Lonnie.

The first year they spent together, Jamal said that “it was very unexpected, but [Wanda] it was very sweet. It was a reminder that there are still good people in the world. ” As a result of this, both have established a friendship that goes beyond the holiday and sometimes they see each other to eat and hang out with their respective families.

Although they usually spend Thanksgiving at Wanda’s house, in 2019 everyone was invited to Mikaela’s family dinner. The occasion was so much fun that Wanda remembers it as one of her favorites.

This year’s celebration

This year was no exception and the tradition does not stop. Jamal public on his Twitter account the following conversation along with a selfie with her friend Wanda, Lonnie and Mikaela. It was the sixth year that they celebrated Thanksgiving together.

The popularity of these two friends and their beautiful tradition is such that every year the news about their Thanksgiving dinner goes viral. This year, the aforementioned tweet garnered almost 1.5 million likes.

-I would be very happy if you, your family and Mikaela came to my house on Thanksgiving Day for a nice dinner and amazing conversations. Your friend always, Wanda.

-Of course, we would love to! What time do you have in mind?

-2:00 p.m.

-It’s perfect. See you at that hour!

-Magnificent! Can’t wait to see you guys.

On November 25, Jamal posted on his Twitter account a Photo of its celebration this year, with the caption “Thanksgiving Day 2021”.

They are already an internet sensation, and hundreds of thousands of people are waiting to see how each year these two friends come together to spend this North American holiday together.

“Family is more than blood”

Wanda has said that at this point, she already considers Jamal part of the family.

We move around a lot, so I was always going to new places, so strangers weren’t strangers to me. Family is more than blood, it is the people you want to be with.

Jamal’s words let us know that the feeling is mutual.

After meeting her for the first time, I knew. She is one more person, age really is just a number. It doesn’t matter, you can be friends with anyone, you can be family with anyone.

This moving friendship story shows us that little gestures of kindness happen every day, all the time, and it’s just a matter of searching to find good people.

Considering that they have been celebrating Thanksgiving for six years now, we have no doubt that their friendship will last for a long time.

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