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Grant Thornton event in Crete for the investment and financing possibilities of the Recovery Fund

THE Grant Thornton in the context of informing the investing public of the Greek region, about the possibilities of utilizing the funds from the Fund for Recovery and Resilience, organized on Thursday, May 12, 2022 in Heraklion, Crete, an event on “Fund for Recovery and Resilience: New investment and financing opportunities businesses”. They participated in the event Grant Thornton CEO Vassilis Kazas, Grant Thornton Senior Partner Emmanuel Diamantoulakis, Dr. Panagiotis Pronzas, Partner, Head of Strategy & Investments and the Special Advisor on Recovery and Durability Fund Issues, Aristotelis Aivaliotis.

During the event, entrepreneurs operating in Crete had the opportunity to learn about the ways in which the domestic economy is expected to be strengthened by the use of the Recovery and Sustainability Mechanism, the pillars through which the resources of the Recovery and Sustainability Fund will channeled through the provision of subsidies and loans, for the multiplier benefits created for the economy by the mobilization of private and public investment as well as for the importance of the new Development Law and the benefits of its utilization. Alongside, A discussion panel was organized, in which the executives of Grant Thornton together with Mr. Aivaliotis answered questions from the public and provided further clarifications on the issues of the Recovery Fund.

THE CEO of Grant Thornton, Vassilis Kazas stated about: Greece, making effective use of the significant funds it is going to receive, through the Greek Recovery and Sustainability Plan “Greece 2.0”, has a unique opportunity to make radical changes in the coming years, investing in growth and job creation that will lead If these investments are successful, that is, if the capital is properly absorbed by companies, the Greek economy will emerge more innovative, productive, green and extroverted, thus contributing to social prosperity and “The expansion of the country’s wealth. The utilization of funds from the Recovery Fund is, after all, a very good opportunity to reduce the huge investment gap that characterizes the country so that Greece becomes much more ambitious and optimistic about its future.”

In his greeting, the Regional Governor of Crete, Stavros Arnaoutakiscongratulated the organizers of the event emphasizing that: “Through the cooperation of the public and the private sector, we will all meet the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution with the perception that entrepreneurship is the backbone of our country’s economy.” Mr. Arnaoutakis also referred to the targeting of the Region of Crete in the context of the implementation of the Strategic Planning through the NSRF and the Development Law, which is: “strengthening innovative entrepreneurship, connecting businesses with research laboratories and informing the business and research community about new actions and new support programs based on the digital economy, scientific research and extroversion.”

THE Mayor of Heraklion, Vassilis Lambrinos For his part, he greeted and thanked Grant Thornton for the event, saying: of the country quantitatively and qualitatively “. Mr. Lambrinos also stressed that: “All stakeholders should be mobilized as soon as possible and in a coordinated manner to utilize this money within the timeframes set by the European Union. Proper utilization is expected to contribute to the dynamic recovery of the Greek economy, the upgrading of Greek companies and the creation of thousands of new quality jobs “.

THE Senior Partner of Grant Thornton, Emmanuel Diamantoulakis underlined that“It is important for us at Grant Thornton to take advantage of all the opportunities provided by the Growth and Sustainability Fund and to properly use European aid for the benefit of the Cretan and the Greek economy in general. With projects concerning Crete already included in the “Development Fund, and with an orientation towards sustainable and green development, the economic landscape of Crete will have been significantly upgraded in the coming years”.

Grant Thornton event in Crete for the investment and financing possibilities of the Recovery Fund
Emmanuel Diamantoulakis, Senior Partner of Grant Thornton

THE Special Adviser on Recovery and Durability Fund Issues, Aristotelis Aivaliotis, stressed that: “The funds that will be raised from the Fund for Recovery and Sustainability are a historic opportunity for the Greek economy and Greek companies. Through pillars such as the green transition and the digital transformation, the development of the country can be accelerated, towards an economy. Our country has a number of companies operating in many promising sectors of the Greek economy and through the utilization of the funds of the Recovery and Resilience Fund and with a solid investment plan, they can become more competitive and to develop further, both inside and outside the borders “.

Dr. Panagiotis Pronzas, Partner and Head of Strategy & Investments of Grant Thornton

For his part, o Partner and Head of Strategy & Investments of Grant Thornton, Dr. Panagiotis Pronzas, presented the new investment and financial opportunities, noting, among other things: “The Fund for Recovery and Sustainability is a tool that will significantly strengthen the companies active in the tourism sector, while also strengthening the extroversion of the country. The resources of the Fund will contribute significantly to the upgrading of tourism infrastructure and will allow the industry to become more With projects such as the upgrading of tourist ports already included in the Fund’s “National Plan”, it is crucial for companies to submit comprehensive investment plans in order to complete their modernization efforts and make industry important player in the international firmament“.

Source: Capital

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