Great Britain: Johnson “acquitted” for the case with the renovation of his house

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In the… eye of the cyclone was found the previous days o Boris Johnson, due to the case with the renovation of his house, which was considered by some as a scandal. However, as stated in the official report on the issue, its prime minister Great Britain did not violate the ministerial code of conduct.

Johnson has been receiving a lot of criticism lately on the occasion of how this renovation was financed which, according to some media, cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Today, Independent Conflict of Interest Advisor Christopher Gait released a report on the issue, which acquitted Johnson.

He said there had been no conflict of interest or breach of the code of conduct, but Gate was critical of the prime minister.

“The prime minister, recklessly in my opinion, allowed the renovation of the apartment at no. 11 of Downing Street, without thoroughly considering how it would finance it “, the text states, according to the APE-MPE.

It is also reported that a Conservative donor, David Brownlow, took out an invoice for part of the cost, but Johnson did not know him and later settled the full amount himself when he found out from media reports.

Gate stressed that there was no conflict of interest. If Johnson was found to have violated the code of conduct, the prime minister might have to resign.

A spokesman for Johnson’s office said the renovation cost was not paid for by taxpayers but was borne by the prime minister himself.

The UK Electoral Commission has also launched its own inquiry into the case.

Brownlow, president of the private equity firm Haversham, is a donor and former vice president of the Conservative Party (2017-July 2020).

Gate also criticized other government officials for failing to inform Boris Johnson that Brownlow had undertaken to cover an invoice.

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