Great Discount Soocas Electric Shavers: Stylish, Precision and Safe

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It is safe to say that shaving plays a very important role in the life of any man, almost on a par with brushing teeth, and it is very important to find the best tool for this process. For example, some people have been using the most common “dangerous” machine with replaceable blades for years, while others prefer T-shaped “safe” machines with cassettes. At the same time, there is also a huge segment of electric shavers on the market, which many men avoid, because they are afraid of new sensations, an unusual shaving style and, of course, high cost. It is difficult to help with the fear of the unknown, but the myth about the high cost of Soocas electric shavers is destroyed at once.

Soocas Pinjing ES3

  • Standard price: 2 080 rubles.
  • Promotional price: 1 399 rubles.
  • Savings: 681 rubles.
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The ES3 electric shaver from Pinjing, a sub-brand of Soocas and a member of the Xiaomi ecosystem, provides everything you need for a comfortable shave for a very reasonable price – there is a floating 3D head, protection against moisture according to IPX7 certification (the shaver can be washed safely under running water), USB charging and even a small display indicator with battery level. Usually, such a set of advantages can only be obtained from rather expensive flagships of well-known brands, but the Pinjing ES3 opens the door to the world of high technology at a much lower cost.

Soocas ES31

  • Standard price: 3 478 rubles.
  • Promotional price: 2 649 rubles.
  • Savings: 830 rubles.
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This model has its own striking feature – to start shaving, the user does not need to press any buttons, it is enough to simply bring the gadget to the skin in automatic mode. The device, with the help of smart sensors, will start shaving on its own, which is certainly very convenient. Soocas ES31 also boasts a rather striking case design, an impressive battery life (standby time up to 300 days) with support for fast charging, as well as an omnidirectional head. An ideal solution for bright personalities who want to emphasize their uniqueness even in such matters.

Soocas S5

  • Standard price: 5,036 rubles.
  • Promotional price: 4,159 rubles.
  • Savings: 877 rubles.
Discount on AliExpress

And for fans of style, quality and modern technology, there is a rather sophisticated electric shaver S5 – she knows how not only to shave, but also to massage or cut. Quite a nice bonus for those users who cannot imagine their life without an electric shaver, but at the same time want some new interesting functions. The device also provides up to 60 minutes of operation on a single battery charge, which is enough for about two months of shaving, the S5 body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and the special arrangement of the blades ensures an extremely safe and clean process. This is what electric shavers are for.

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