Greece that does not “chew”, the catastrophe in Sri Lanka and the coronavirus that is galloping

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There were many events from all over the world that occupied the public opinion in the previous days both in Greece and abroad. The ingredients that make up the “frame” with the most representative images are constant: Colors, passion, tears, effort, survival, joy, pain.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then you certainly do not need many words for the pictures below. In the pictures that follow, they are condensed what happened to the world last week.

See how his camera lens recorded Associated Press the events that happened in the world in the last seven days.

Athens, Greece: Low tones before the June 14 summit

Mevlüt Tsavousoglu’s two-day visit to Greece was mainly of a preparatory nature, in view of the meeting that Kyriakos Mitsotakis will have with Recep Tayyip Erdo .an on June 14, on the sidelines of the NATO Summit. However, it was an issue that occupied the international media. The Turkish politician, however, kept a low profile despite the predictions to the contrary.

Evros, Greece: It does not “chew” in the challenges and… in the mud

A few hours ago, the Turkish Foreign Minister insisted on his country’s provocative stance on the issue of Thrace, speaking again about the Turkish minority, shortly after his arrival in Alexandroupolis. However, the Greek side has learned all these years not to chew, as shown by its readiness in Evros.

Israel – Palestine: Two diametrically opposed worlds, but forced to intersect

With the formalization of the support of the Arab party Raam in the formation of a governing coalition against Benjamin Netanyahu, one of the last obstacles to change the page in the Israeli political scene was removed. Jair Lapid managed to get the required number of votes and take power.

In this way, Benjamin Netanyahu was “dethroned”, with whom the head of the Israeli government prevailed a chaotic situation in the Middle East, during which endless blood of innocent people was shed, especially on the Palestinian side. The image of a small child crying over the rubble of his house in Gaza is typical.

Colombo, Sri Lanka: Huge ecological disaster causing terror

Millions of pieces of polyethylene used to package products have covered 80 kilometers off the west coast of Sri Lanka, the largest ecological disaster in the country’s history. The whole scary scene set fire to the MV X-Press Pearl container ship.

Most of the cargo – including 25 tonnes of nitric acid, lubricants, baking soda and other chemicals – was destroyed by the fire, while the containers fell into the sea and were transported ashore. The fauna of the area is threatened and tries to survive in this difficult situation that has been formed.

Hyderabad, India: Coronavirus has… face and ‘rides’

The coronavirus strain first found in India is highly contagious and can infect people who have already been infected with Covid-19 or who have been vaccinated with just one dose of the vaccine, according to a report by scientists in the country. At the same time, the pandemic ει is emerging, with the authorities aiming to raise public awareness to limit transmission.

Barcelona, ​​Spain: Where the poor and his fate…

Images of homeless people sleeping on the streets of Barcelona are now common. According to research in Spain, poverty has risen significantly in recent months in the Iberian country, which has chosen a prolonged lockdown to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tokyo, Japan: When life becomes το bike because of the pandemic

The Tokyo Olympics, which are scheduled to start in seven weeks from now, have gone through. A thousand waves. However, the Japanese are no longer just excited about their performance and just want to end the obligation and estimate that the top sporting event has “lost its meaning”.

Paris, France: Ready not to miss the opportunity

Stefanos Tsitsipas “sat” on the side of the board of this year’s Roland Garros, in which he will avoid Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic until the final (in case he gets there). This means that he has the opportunity to claim the title of a Grand Slam for the first time in his career. Of course, he still has a long way to go, but his performances in Paris are impressive.

Baku, Azerbaijan: The turn to the castle always stands out

The 6th round of Formula 1 2021 is taking place in Baku, in a road circuit that leaves little room for error to drivers. The Grand Prix of Azerbaijan has the narrowest part of the entire world championship, with cars passing through the castle, in a turn that is only 7.6 meters wide. The fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Ferstappen is expected with particular interest.

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