Greek Dairies: The impact of costs on energy and raw materials

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of Matinas Harkoftaki

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The Hellenic Dairy Group, like the majority of the country’s productive enterprises, has been faced with a sharp rise in the cost of raw materials, energy and transport.

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“The cost increases are unrealistic,” he told Stelios M. Sarantis, member of the board of directors of Hellenic Dairies and president of Kliafa and adds: “The increase in costs in sheep and goat products reaches 40% and in cows reaches 20%”.

It is indicative that the Greek Dairies last year supplied cow’s milk at a price of 0.38-0.39 euros per liter while this year the price is 0.47 euros per liter. Even greater increase is shown in sheep’s milk, which from 0.96 euros per liter now reaches 1.25 euros.

The above should also take into account the increased cost of energy as according to Mr. Sarantis only the energy charge for all the factories owned by the Trikala group in Greece, Romania and Bulgaria is approaching 2 million euros more per month. compared to the past, ie EUR 25 million on an annual basis.

Despite the absorption of a significant part of the increases by the company, however, taking into account the new conditions, it had to proceed with the first revaluation for its entire product portfolio on November 15, an increase which ranged in low single digits while a second smaller revaluation took place. last February.

In terms of performance recorded in the first quarter of this year, sales in terms of volumes have moved at steady levels while turnover appears slightly increased, an increase that is mainly attributed to price increases.

We remind you that recently the Trikala group was the only bidder in an auction conducted by the Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki and concerned the trademarks and assets of AGNO, which had been found in the past on its investment radar without, however, .

Although so far it has not been decided how to utilize the facilities of the northern Helladic dairy industry in Langadas, which have been closed and out of operation since 2014, it is certain that the Greek Dairies plan to bring products back to the domestic market within a reasonable time. with the brand AGNO, initially targeting the market of Northern Greece.

The opening in the field of soft drinks is also important as two years after the acquisition of the Trikala company Kliafa, the new factory of the industry was inaugurated in Trikala with a production capacity of 28,000 bottles per hour.

In addition, the Sarantis family group does not rule out the possibility of expanding in the future its activity in the water sector, which so far is limited to the category of carbonated water through Doumbia, which it acquired in 2020.

At this stage he is in contact with the search for a source of natural mineral water, which may be sold and may be included under the group’s umbrella.

Finally, in the next period, the environmental permit is expected to be approved, which will bring it one step closer to the implementation of the plan for the construction of a new dairy production unit – basically halloumi – in Cyprus, an investment the amount of which amounts to around € 40 million.

Source: Capital

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