Greek rescuer EKAV in Turkey: The buildings are fallen cardboard boxes on top of each other

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Trapped in the debris of the buildings that collapsed after the earthquakes Sokratis Doukas, head of the Greek team of EKAV, which consists of two doctors, three rescuers, and a team from EMAK, is also searching in Turkey. Mr. Doukas is located in the Hatay area of ​​Antioch.

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“It’s a very difficult picture, such a disaster creates endless chaos. Efforts will be made by us and by all the participants, we are one of the first missions to reach the Turkey. They will show us points. The first team is already operating, and we are sharing in shifts to cover the whole 24 hours because this will not stop for a moment” he noted to “Mismatches”.

The buildings are fallen cardboard boxes on top of each other, I have never seen this before in my life, unprecedented images, it is a biblical disaster». “We are talking”, he added, “about 34,000 injured, many will not make it… It will be one of the biggest disasters”.

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“It’s still cold, and now that it’s sunny, it’s very cold at night,” he added about the weather conditions prevailing in Turkey.

Source: News Beast

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