Greek ship was responsible for an oil spill off the Brazilian coast, says PF

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The Federal Police (PF) found, on Thursday (2), that an oil tanker from Greece was responsible for the oil spill that reached 700 km off the Brazilian coast, reaching around 250 beaches in the Northeast, between 2019 and 2020.

The company and its people in charge, in addition to the ship’s captain and engineer, whose names were not revealed, were indicted for the crimes of pollution, non-compliance with environmental obligations and damage to conservation units.

The estimated costs for cleaning the ocean and beaches were estimated at more than R$188 million, the minimum amount stipulated by the authorities for environmental damage. The total amount is still being defined by the Federal Police.

The police inquiry will be sent to the Federal Court and to the Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Norte for the adoption of legal measures.


The Federal Police’s investigation was carried out on three fronts: the first analyzed the characteristics of the substance in chemical analysis to determine the type of material that reached the Brazilian coast and its origin.

The second tried to pinpoint the exact location where the spill occurred, using satellite images with simulations carried out using software.

The last one was made in a database, documents and information to clarify the facts with the help of Interpol.

(*With information from Agência Brasil)

Reference: CNN Brasil

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