Greek SMEs are becoming more and more digital, achieving increased sales and reduced costs

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Progress in the digital maturity of small and medium enterprises was recorded by the research “The Digital Readiness of Small and Medium Enterprises in Greece”, prepared by the Electronic Commerce Laboratory (ELTRUN) of the Athens University of Economics and Business on behalf of COSMOTE.

According to the survey data, there is an increase of 10% in the average of the “Digital Readiness Index” compared to 2020.

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At the same time, 1 in 5 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is already at an advanced stage of digital readiness, while 1 in 2 SMEs is still at an early stage.

According to the research, the lack of information and education, resources and skills seem to be the main obstacles in the utilization of digital technologies for small and medium enterprises.

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Accordingly, the greater the digital maturity, the greater the business benefits for businesses, with increased sales and reduced costs.

Greek SMEs are becoming more and more digital, achieving increased sales and reduced costs

The main conclusions of the research

There is an increase in the use of digital tools and infrastructure by SMEs in 2022, with research recording increased rates of use of technologies for digital presence, e-commerce, teleconferencing and digital campaigns.

Now 8 out of 10 SMEs seem to have a presence on the internet (Website), while there is an increase to 77% from 65% of companies that have Websites, which were implemented by professionals.

Also, a 40% increase was recorded in SMEs, which have an e-shop, while it seems that 6 out of 10 SMEs use fixed ERP or CRM systems.

It is equally important that, in 2022, there is a 10% increase in the M.O. of the “Digital Readiness Index of SMEs” in relation to 2020.

The M.O. of companies, based on the “Digital Readiness Index” is currently at 4.49 / 10, while in 2020 it was around 4.06 / 10.

The companies are ranked in the index, according to the use of the 10 digital technologies they utilize, in five evolutionary stages: 1-2 elementary stage (Elementary), 3-4 basic (Basic), 5-6 medium (Medium), 7-9 advanced, 10 ideal. According to the research, an increase of the companies that are included in the advanced stage (Advanced) is also recorded.

More specifically, 1 in 5 SMEs is already in advanced stages of digital readiness, while 1 in 2 SMEs is still in the initial stages (Elementary, Basic).

Due to COVID-19, 1 in 2 SMEs used more tools for teleworking and teleconferencing and carried out more digital promotions.

Also, 2 out of 3 SMEs utilize digital technologies, in order to be able to deal with the problems from the pandemic.

Finally, during the last 2 years, 7 out of 10 SMEs noticed an increase in online store traffic and 1 in 2 SMEs with a call center recorded an increase in online sales.

The research methodology

The survey was conducted nationwide in March and April 2022 following a previous corresponding survey in 2020. The survey also reflects the Digital Readiness Index of Small and Medium Enterprises, which records their digital maturity, based on the adoption and use of 10 important digital tools and infrastructure .

The main findings of the research, as well as COSMOTE’s initiatives to support SMEs can be seen at:

“Digital Media Tools” of Greece 2.0

During the special event for the presentation of the research, it was also announced the participation of COSMOTE in the new support program for small and medium enterprises “Digital Tools SMEs” of Greece 2.0 of the Ministry of Digital Governance, funded by the Recovery Fund.

COSMOTE utilizes the results of the research, so as to take the appropriate initiatives to enhance the digital maturity of small and medium-sized enterprises and their integration into the modern digital world.

Reducing the digital divide and equal access for all to the digital age is one of COSMOTE’s priorities for sustainable development, while improving its environmental and social footprint.

Source: Capital

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