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Greek truck driver became the subject of the German newspapers: He transported watermelons with… broken brakes

A Greek, driver truckundertook to transport watermelons from Cyprus to the Netherlands, via Germany, and the police caught him without… brakes.

THE guide he was… too hasty and so, as reported by DWeven the German newspapers wrote about him, as he was spotted on the highway between Munich and Stuttgart.

“Officers from the HGV found that he had exceeded the speed limit by 18km. The technical inspection showed that four brake discs on the truck and the trailer were broken, while four of the six brakes on the trailer were damaged.

Also, the brake compressor was defective. In addition, the 50-year-old businessman from Greece, who was driving himself, did not observe the minimum mandatory rest time for truck drivers. The police forbade him to continue his course. The watermelons, worth 20,000 euros, were taken over by another transport company,” reports Welt.

Source: News Beast

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