Green pass for employees, tampons to be paid by workers

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The Green Pass will be a necessary requirement for public and private sector workers. But, for those who are not vaccinated, the swab cannot be provided free of charge. During the meeting at Palazzo Chigi, the unions asked for it. “We are not willing to make workers pay the costs of safety at work”, said Pierpaolo Bombardieri of Uil: “The costs of the tampon are far from calm: to come here I spent 22 euros at the pharmacy ». Even according to Angelo Colombini, of the CISL, “the prices are too high”.

His proposal is that of to experience «a gratuitousness while the emergency lasts, until December 31st ». Giorgia Meloni echoes: “If the green pass is imposed then the tampons are quick and free”.

But the prime minister Mario Draghi replies: «Your proposal is inappropriate, this is not the time to experiment, but to push vaccination. The green pass works, is monitored and is an accommodating solution ». The tampons, as specified by the Minister of Health Speranza, are “free only for fragile and exempt workers: free for all does not help people get vaccinated».

Eventually a mediation hypothesis would emerge: the buffers could be charged to general taxation for a couple of weeks after the entry into force of the obligation, then they will return to payment, but prices will be controlled.

From mid-October to the end of December (the end of the state of emergency) employees will be required to show the green pass. Who will still be without it – at the moment over 4 million workers – will not be able to enter the company. The public will be suspended from work and salary after five days of absence due to lack of green pass. In the private sector, the suspension should start from the first day for the protection of the health and safety of workers. But, as Minister Orlando wished to assure, it cannot be a pretext for demotion or dismissal.

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