Green Pass, one dose for the restaurant and two for the disco and the stadium

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In areas with less spread of the virus, the green pass with a single dose of vaccine (but also a negative swab, or the certificate of recovery from Covid in the previous six months) to enter the restaurants indoors, and with two doses for crowded places – stadiums, concerts, conferences, events, entertainment venues, gyms – where there is a risk of crowding. And it would be allowed – always with two doses of vaccine – dancing in open-air discos. No limitations, however, for outdoor restaurants.

It is one of the hypotheses of the government, which in any case provides for the double dose in areas with increased coronavirus circulation. The different possibilities will be discussed in the control room scheduled in the next few hours: the Government would like to ensure that Italy remains in the white zone until August 15th (at least), and is trying to limit the spread of the Delta variant, increasing the number of immunized people.

The government’s intention is to leave the activities open as much as possible and prevent the areas where the epidemiological curve rises from ending up in the yellow zone, since the Delta variant affects those who have not had the vaccine. For this reason, in the classification of areas at risk, the number of people hospitalized will count in the medical area and in intensive care and not only (as happens now) the incidence of new positives every week on one hundred thousand inhabitants. The yellow zone will therefore be triggered if the occupancy of the ordinary wards exceeds 10% of the available beds and that of the intensive care units 5%.

In the meantime, we discuss theobligation of the anti Covid vaccine for school staff. The government is divided: the Democratic Party asks for it, but the League is strongly against it. Italy, meanwhile, has exceeded the threshold of 50% of vaccinated over 12 with both doses.

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