Green pass, still protests and tensions

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They continue the protests against the Green Pass. Saturday 6 November saw demonstrators occupying the streets of Milano, here the demonstration ended beyond the limit of 21 set by the Police Headquarters and with 10 reported, Trieste, where there has been a surge in infections for several days and about 8 thousand people have poured into the street and Torino, where to the cry of «Without fear of the dictatorship», the no passes reached Piazza Vittorio and then gave way to an «aperitif no Pass», all rigorously without masks.

It happens while the climate of tension does not seem to subside and vandalism against doctors and health workers continues to occur. Among the last reported, there is Bologna, where four cars of the doctors of the Mengoni clinic were damaged and left with punctured tires and broken glass, so as to prevent the regular running of thehome medical-nursing activity in Usca, the special Continuity Care Units that in this emergency period can be activated by family doctors to perform interventions at the home of patients affected by covid. Then written on the walls e billboards in Pesaro against the vaccination campaign.

They also continue attacks on journalists: in Milan the Fanpage troupe was (again) attacked, in Trieste a reporter from Il Piccolo was hit with a head. Another protester, on the other hand, struck with a hand first the microphone and then the camera of a local television that was filming the protest.

A strategy of chaos, the one set up by no vax that is grafted while contagions continue to rise throughout Europe and the main countries are implementing a series of ad hoc restrictions, starting with lockdown mirati only for non-immunized people, as will happen in Austria from 8 November. Italy remains all in the white zone but here too there is an increase in the new positives (6,764), with 13 regions at risk (the one with the worst data is Friuli Venezia Giulia), that is, above the threshold of contagion and which risk changing color band before the Christmas holidays. The positivity rate in the country rose to 1.4 percent.

It passes from the white to the yellow area if the weekly incidence of new positives exceeds 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, the employment rate in the medical area goes over 15% and that of intensive care over 10%.

Here’s what they are regions that have exceeded 50 cases per week: Calabria (52.5%), Campania (56.9), Emilia Romagna (56.1), Friuli Venezia Giulia (139.6), Lazio (63), Liguria (52.1), Marche (50.2) , autonomous province of Bolzano (189.1), autonomous province of Trento (63), Sicily (51.7), Tuscany (57.7), Umbria (51.4), Veneto (75.3).

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