Green pass, the obligation for workers arrives

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From mid-October, the green pass will also become mandatory for public workers, for employees of clubs and transport, and soon it will also be for private individuals. Tomorrow, Thursday 16 September, the decree – now in the final drafting phase – will be examined by the control room to be then approved by the Council of Ministers. Prime Minister Mario Draghi will be responsible for deciding whether to immediately extend the obligation to all workers, winning the resistance of a part of the League (Matteo Salvini affirms: “We will be the only ones in Europe”).

Palazzo Chigi, in fact, is working on two hypotheses of decree. The first includes the green pass for i employees of the public administration and private activities in contact with the public, in which there is already the obligation of the green pass for customers (restaurants and bars, gyms and swimming pools, theaters and cinemas, trains and airplanes, fairs and stadiums). The second also involves all private sector workers. And it would be easier to implement: the two sectors intersect (just think of the subsidiaries) and drawing clear boundaries in a few hours to clarify which are public and private companies would be very complex.

The employer will appoint an employee who will verify possession of the green pass with the appropriate app already in operation. The only exceptions will be those already provided for by the law: workers exempted from the vaccine and equipped with a medical certificate certifying it. But if there is the possibility of smart working and the performance can be performed remotely, the employer must grant it. The sanctions for public workers who do not respect the rules will be very harsh: we are talking about fines from 400 to one thousand euros e of the salary suspension.

The obligation should not be postponed beyond mid-October because, according to experts, there is a risk that the contagion curve could rise again, both because the schools have been reopened and because public transport has become crowded again.

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