Green Pass, the sectors at risk: from ports to carers

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Friday 15 October is the day on which the mandatory Green Pass comes into force to access the workplace. It is also the day when strikes and demonstrations are expected. The center of the protest seems to be the port of Trieste, but the whole road transport sector is also in turmoil. The first to announce a strike were the dockers led by those from Trieste who say no to the Green Pass. A part would be ready for an indefinite strike if there is no postponement of the measure starting from the closure of the entry gates.

In Italy, over 80% of the population over 12 years of age is vaccinated, but this percentage does not match among the workers in the port of Trieste. According to the spokesman of the Port workers’ committee, Stefano Puzzer, “40% of dockers are not vaccinated”. A week ago the committee asked for free swabs, which the government invited companies to do, now it wants the green certification to be withdrawn.

The port loses orders given the risk of blocking the activity. The president of the Adriatic Port System Authority Zeno D’Agostino he sought an exception by going to discuss in Rome. He has not found it and threatens to resign.

The situation in the other ports does not seem as difficult. TO Venezia mostly workers are vaccinated, a Genoa companies are ready to pay tampons to employees who do not have the Green pass. The number of vaccinated in the Apulian ports is high, there are no criticalities in Tuscany.

The road transport situation is more generalized and complex. “If foreign hauliers can come to Italy without the green pass and this will instead be imposed on Italian companies”, said the president of Conftrasporto-Confcommercio Paolo Uggè, “we are considering inviting companies to stop the trucks”. According to Secondo Sandiano, president of Assotrasporti, taken up by Corriere della Sera, “it is right and right to demand that it be shown by all workers who work on the national territory, whether Italian or foreign”. The risk of Italy being blocked is real given that most of the goods travel by road.

An estimated 60 thousand still unvaccinated within the police. «According to our estimates», Antonio Nicolosi, general secretary of the Unarma carabinieri union, told Sole24ore, «about 15 thousand carabinieri are not vaccinated. The figure is similar in the police while it increases a lot for the penitentiary: I wonder who will control the detainees? If we then add the local police, the soldiers who patrol the cities, the firefighters, there will be at least 60 thousand security operators without vaccines ”.

Then there are all the workers vaccinated with serums not authorized by the European Medicines Agency and therefore not useful for having the Green Pass. There are some in road haulage, but also in agriculture, construction and above all among housekeepers and carers. Of the 390,000 employed in agriculture, 60% are non-EU citizens: there are those who are not vaccinated and those who are not with an accepted vaccine. some are unvaccinated and others have received unrecognized vaccines, such as Sputnik).

The Director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health Gianni Rezza he hypothesized two ways out: to make an additional dose with an mRna vaccine in those who are vaccinated with vaccines not recognized by the EMA or to recognize vaccination cycles made abroad.

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