Grettell Valdez reveals that a bad manicure led her to lose her thumb

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Imagine that on a common day, like any other, you decide to go to the beauty salon with the intention of getting your nails done, but some time later you discover that due to the procedure, you contracted a strange virus that caused cancer to develop on your thumb. Yes, you read that right, cancer from going to a manicure. What?!

The same reaction must have had the Mexican actress Grettell Valdez, who recently revealed the unfortunate fact, in which a manicure made with dirty instruments caused a virus that mutates into cancer, for which they had to amputate part of her finger.

After a slight absence, the actress reappeared on her social networks to report on her state of health a few days after undergoing surgery in which part of her thumb was removed to prevent the wart that was on it from spreading. become carcinogenic.

Grettell took advantage of her YouTube channel to post a video in which she looks visibly recovered and with her left thumb bandaged, detailing what happened.

Grettell Valdez Hospital

The actress explained how five years ago she contracted Bowen’s disease, known as squamous cell carcinoma, the earliest form of skin cancer, to which she did not pay attention, because at the time she thought it was an insignificant wart.

When she finally went to a professional, she underwent a biopsy and then underwent surgery to eradicate the cancer. Grettell revealed that she also received localized radiation and chemotherapy to the affected area to destroy any remaining malignant cells.

Grettell Valdez

During the video, he took the opportunity to deny that his finger had been amputated as many believe and clarified that only a quarter of the nail was removed, as well as his entire footprint.

Grettell advised her followers that whenever they go in for a manicure or pedicure procedure, they bring their own supplies or at least make sure all instruments are sterilized.

Grettell Valdez

Don’t take risks, please, a nonsense ended in all this, imagine.

Visibly moved, the actress thanked her followers for being aware of her health and we could not be happier that she is already better.


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