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“Grey's Anatomy”: James Pickens Jr. reveals which medical specialty he would choose

Over 20 years ago, James Pickens Jr. brings Dr. Richard Webber, a general surgeon who becomes chief of surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital in “Grey's Anatomy” . In an interview with CNN the actor revealed that, unlike his character, he would choose to pursue medical research and innovations.

“I think at Richard's stage of his career, I would like to research and try to invent cutting-edge procedures or equipment or maybe even find a cure or something. I think I would be very intrigued to see how this plays out. If I were a doctor, I would go into research,” he revealed.

The actor also said that after so much preparation and recorded episodes, he recognizes several medical terms.

“VYou can't help but gather a little bit of information by doing this for so long. Obviously, when we started the series there was a lot of prep work involved. We have an incredible medical team that is part of the Grey's family, all of which ensure we are up to date,” he explained.

Not only do the actors learn about medicine from “Grey's Anatomy,” but viewers do too. Pickens Jr. cited season 17 as an example, when the series dedicated every episode to talking about the coronavirus pandemic. “I think it really helped viewers deal with it.”

“Navigating something that was totally unknown, totally foreign to us. There was a lot of fear out there, they didn't know what to expect and I think the fact that we made it [fazer episódios sobre a covid-19]I think it gave them a lot of comfort,” he said.

“We just played doctors, but real people did this day in and day out, they sacrificed with a lot of dedication, and we tried to mirror that as best as we could and I think that was one of our proudest moments. That entire season was dedicated to Covid-19 and how it affected us culturally, economically, politically, everything,” he added.

“Grey's Anatomy” It is already in its 20th season, which is currently airing in the United States, and has been renewed for a 21st season. The new episodes should arrive in Brazil later this year.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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