Grey’s Anatomy: why Ellen Pompeo should stop complaining

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The game is beautiful when it is short, and that of Ellen Pompeo it has definitely crossed the line of tolerability that leads a controversy from being legitimate to being inappropriate. Things are like this: the actress has repeatedly expressed a willingness to finish it with Grey’s Anatomy, meanwhile renewed by ABC for a nineteenth season, because he believes (rightly) that the character of Meredith Gray, but also the whole series, have now run out of their cartridges and have nothing more to say. It seems, however, that his appeal did not have the desired effect given that the network has not only decided to renew Grey’s Anatomy, but it also showed how much the opinion of the stars matters relatively little when there are the only things that really can decide the fate of a series: the gain and the return. One thing that, useless to go around it, is especially true for Pompeo herself, who in Grey’s Anatomy she also holds the role of executive producer and that, let’s face it, without Meredith she would be a fish out of water.

Ellen Pompeo in Grey’s Anatomy


Sandra Oh understood first of all that another year in the role of Cristina Yang would mean the loss of identity, and she has seen it along. After Grey’s Anatomy managed to compete for the most important prizes thanks to the graceful Killing Eve, while thanks to Director has managed to captivate the Netflix audience despite the criticism, increasingly hard to convince, has expressed some perplexity. Despite the controversy surrounding its release, Katherine Heigl should also say thank you for getting out of Izzie’s character before it was too late. A speech that also applies to Patrick Dempsey, that for all of us will always remain Doctor Strangelove but who has nevertheless managed to convince various productions, from cinematographic ones such as Bridget Jones’Baby e As if by magic to television ones like The truth about the Harry Quebert case e Devils, to be so much more than Derek Shepard. Ellen Pompeo is not allowed this fate. Remaining almost twenty years in the role of Meredith, it is as if her identity was, by now, linked to her character: the doctor undecided in love – in this round, she does not know whether to succumb to the flattery of the surgeon Nick Marsh or the pediatrician Cormac Hayes – who always tries to do the right thing.

A scene from Grey’s Anatomy


If she was smart, Ellen Pompeo should have saved up enough millions of dollars – it is useless for her to play the santarellina in the interviews, given that she accepted that money – to live off an income waiting for a proposal that manages to free her from Meredith once and for all. At this point in the story of Grey’s Anatomy, now become a tragicomic joke between natural disasters and a limbo full of guest stars, the actress should, however, stop complaining and swallow the bitter morsel of continuing to cash the checks that ABC sends her (and they are all six zeros) while carrying out her task. Ellen Pompeo is executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy: Instead of whimpering in the press, she should have tried to make her voice heard in the control room to which she is special invited. Instead, all this takes on more and more the contours of a complaint which, in addition to exasperating the executives, has also tired the public who, evidently, Grey’s Anatomy he continues to see him out of habit, but also because Ellen Pompeo is still the protagonist. Showrunner Krista Vernoff hasn’t spoken about the series ending, except that Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Richard (James Pickens Jr.) will return in the new season. In short, the situation is in a stalemate but, at this point, we would recommend two things to Ellen Pompeo: or to impose themselves seriously by renouncing remuneration or to shut up and keep doing what she is paid for.


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