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Group of the House of tax reform intends to present report on May 16

The working group of the Chamber of Deputies created to debate and move forward with the tax reform intends to present the report on the subject on May 16th. A schedule with the date for the conclusion of the group was presented this Wednesday (1st) by the rapporteur, Aguinaldo Ribeiro (PP-PB).

The report to be presented on May 16, if the proposed timetable is followed, will not be the final text of the reform itself. That’s because the reform still has to go through a vote in the plenary of the House and, later, by the Senate.

However, the idea is that the group’s report be analyzed by all federal deputies in plenary, initially. The intention of the deputies in charge of the reform is that the issue be settled in the Chamber still in this first semester.

In the coming weeks, deputies should promote public hearings, debates and seminars on the reform and its different aspects with guests from the area, such as former finance minister Maílson da Nóbrega.

The federal government chose not to submit a new tax reform proposal to Congress. Therefore, he preferred not to start from scratch, but to take advantage of a Proposal for an Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) on the subject already being discussed in the Chamber.

The decision was taken to try to speed up the reform process and make a nod to parliamentarians, even more so at this time when the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) seeks to build an allied base in Congress.

The group is made up of 12 federal deputies and was created on February 15, 2023. In principle, the group has 90 days to complete its work. In practice, now, 75 days, according to the coordinator, Deputy Reginaldo Lopes (PT-MG).

See the schedule proposed by Aguinaldo Ribeiro:

– 3/6 to 10: Presentation of proposals for Amendment to the Constitution nos. 45 and 110, of 2019. Rapporteur of PEC 45: Aguinaldo Ribeiro. Rapporteur of PEC 110: Roberto Rocha. Extraordinary Secretary for Tax Reform: Bernard Appy.

– 3/13 to 17: Diagnosis of the current tax system.

– 3/20 to 24: Best international practices on consumption taxation.

– 3/27 to 31: Reform from a federal perspective.

– 4/3 to 6: Reform from a sectoral perspective.

– 4/10 to 14: Reform from the distributive perspective.

– 4/17 to 4/20: Reform from the perspective of the digital economy and green economy.

– 4/24 to 28: Reform from the perspective of the tax administration.

– 1st to 5/5: Official mission to the OECD.

– 5/8 to 12: Final seminar of the working group.

– 5/16: Conclusion of the working group with the presentation of the group’s report.

Source: CNN Brasil

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